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Welcome to the world of Face and Body Art, where you, your family and friends can have the opportunity to become your favorite character played by you.

We provide quality art, excellent products and professional services for residents, communities, business, school and organizations in New Jersey. 

Have Face Painting by Jese at your next event or celebration:

* Birthday Party/Pool Party

* Corporate Event

* Holiday Party

* Summer Fun/BBQ

* Carnival

* Street Fair

* Block Party

* Halloween,

* Cheerleaders Competitions

* Dance Recital

* School Plays

* Sport Team Spirit

* Charity Event

* Religious Celebration

* Baby Shower

* Prenatal belly Painting

* Photo Shot and many more special occasions

Through this form of expression, we can also offer Glitter Body Art aka Glitter Tattoos, they can last up to 7 days and never fail to add sparkle to any party or event. The variety of sparkling glitter and designs caters to a wide range of celebrations. I am sure everyone will love it!